Wine In The Sun    (Rob Glaser)

High up in the Andes, on some other plane,

We sip our wine and speak of flowers

And if there's still a chance for rain.

  When the night falls we're lovers.

  We know nothing of fear.

  Lie at peace in the darkness, holding what's dear.

I wonder where you are on this empty night.

I hold your face and words and love,

And yet I live alone in fright.

  Do you think that she loves you?

  Will she take you away?

  Do you think that she could be all that insane?

    In the morning I reach to touch you,

    Never sure if you will be there.

    I have chosen to take this pathway,

    Yet somehow it doesn't seem fair.

      But what does now?

I still hear you calling, and the pleas you make.

I wish I knew the way to reach you,

And what steps I ought to take.

  Do you think that you love her?

  Will you take her away?

  Don't you think that you might be simply insane,

    Simply insane?

      Do you think that it's over?

      Or not even begun?

      Do you think that we might sip wine in the sun,

        Wine in the sun?


         -Rob Glaser