There For A Monday Morning    (Rob Glaser)

Oh, a curtain fell last morning,

And the house lights sent the people to the street

All the shouting was a voice of revelation,

Pass the word on to the people that you meet.

  Were you sleeping?

  Were you half asleep and on your way to town?

  Or does a shouted greeting bring you down?

Oh, just stumble up, don't worry where you're going,

Just a paper bag will get you through the door.

All the worried eyes will watch you cross the threshold,

It's so sad when you can't do that anymore.

  Is he dying? Is he half dead and on his way to town?

  Will we just be the watchers at a funeral when he's down?

Did you wake up with a glare upon your eyelids,

And a stranger in the bed there at your side?

Do you think about last night and what was said there?

Or give out a simple "couldn't if I tried"?

  Are you weeping? Are the tears of sorrow halfway to the ground?

  It must be old Monday morning coming around,

    Coming around.


     -Rob Glaser