Slipping Away    (Rob Glaser)

When you follow your heart

Some friends tell you it's really not right, so bad.

Take it slow at the start,

But then later you'll miss what you've not had.

  What you gonna do today;

  Not give what you feel away?  That just seems easy.

  When you watch too hard what you say,

    Nothing gets said, love slips away.

Might be trouble ahead.

You can always prepare for the worst right now.

You can watch where you step,

But that sure doesn't mean you can't fall down.

  What you gonna do today?

  You won't come nor stay away.  Life isn't easy

  When you keep yourself held at bay,

    Watching the time slipping away.

      What do you feel?  Can't you let go now?

      Don't you want to get away,

      Live for now, not yesterday?

       This is your chance; don't throw it away.

Come away in the dawn.

Don't think out if it's right, let's just run, run, run.

For when this chance is gone,

We can't know if another one will come.

  What you gonna do today?

  Are we gonna get away?  It isn't easy,

  But the danger's great if we stay,

    Watching our time slipping away,

    Watching our time slipping away,

      Slipping away.


       -Rob Glaser