Dead brown leaves look like heaps of rags
Under filthy snow and old plastic bags.
Iâm aware of it all, but I really donât care,
With my eyes turned inside, I am just barely there.
I donât know what to think, I donât know what to feel,
Iâm a thief in the night but thereâs nothing to steal.
ÊÊ I seek reason and truth, and itâs hard to explain,
ÊÊ Every reason I find is quite truly insane.
Had a dream that you kissed my hand,
Drew a cross on my heart with a golden band.
Iâve tried changing my mind, Iâve tried changing the view,
I tried running away, but my heart stayed with you.
I donât care anymore, I donât care what they say,
Sure, Iâm probably wrong, and Iâll see that some day.
I seek reason and truth, but itâs hard to explain,
You can see only light and yet feel only pain.
As the days turn to weeks, and the light disappears,
You are left to survive in a season of tears.
All my dreams are in shreds, all my hopes are intact,
Donât be fooled by these words, Îcause itâs all just an act.
I donât care anymore, doesnât matter to me,
Live in darkness or light, itâs whatever will be.
And your eyes in my dream were so loving and warm,
I âm alone in my bed, lie in wait for the dawn,
For the dawn,
For the dawn.

Rob Glaser