Summer Solstice

Watch the lazy moon drift by, hurtling through space.

All the wonders of the sky move slowly from this place.

The way we sense reality depends on where we stand.

Tell me what you see.  Is this love, or do you take my hand


It doesn't seem so long ago I first beheld your eyes

Burning like two stars aglow, and changing all my skies.

I wanted just to touch your face, or hold you for awhile,

Feel our passion grow, dream in time I'd come to know your smile


    Ten thousand nights of love, or is that something only real to me?

    With tenderness and time, the sweet and bitter wines become one drink.

    Share it with me.  All that's mine is also yours.

    With tenderness and care, a willingness to share creates a link,

      Fluid and strong as our love is long.

Waiting for you to appear, I wonder why my soul

Feels such warmth when you are near, when alone it is so cold.

I still need to discover life; I know I've just begun.

Help me, can you, please?  Tell me how you can reflect the sun

Effortlessly on me.