†††††††††††††††† Line in the Sand

Out in the darkness a rider approaches,

Stops at your gate and stands calling your name;

Danger is coming, we have to resist it,

Time to be strong for this isnít a game.

You run to the window and feel your heart pounding,

You want nothing more than to be left in peace,

Yet somehow the moment of truth is upon you,

You have to risk all or the danger wonít cease.

††Crying oh oh, this is where I make a stand.

††Here Iím drawing a line in the sand.

Long after midnight you lie awake thinking,

The danger you see whirls around in your head.

Certainly someone should stand up and face it,

But who is that someone and what should be said?

Words circle round leaving endless confusion,

And nothingís as clear as it was in the past.

Once you could see the invader approaching,

You had to be forceful, you had to move fast.

††† Crying oh oh, this is where I make a stand.

††† Here Iím drawing a line in the sand.

Sometimes itís painful to make a decision,

And sometimes itís easy to just stand aside.

It often seems clever to keep your own counsel,

This isnít a war, and nobody has died.

††† Crying oh oh, maybe I should take a stand,

††† Maybe draw a small line in the sandÖ

††† Better be careful, things might not work out as you planned...