North Star by Rob Glaser
Here the years rush by under northern skies,
And winter's never far.
While the seasons dance some may find romance
In a single constant star.
The magic flows through autumn light,
With feelings hard to place;
And it only takes the slightest breath
Of wind upon my face
To be far away.
On a quiet night, lost in fancy's flight
Delusions never die.
Here it's not too late, and there is no fate,
The senses always lie.
I see the past through drunken eyes,
The years all blur and blend,
And I only need a minute more
To truly comprehend
Why so many dreams have died away
While one just never ends.
I'm remembering, I'm remembering,
I'm remembering.
On the verge of sleep where my thoughts can leap
In free flow out of time,
All the things I've seen and the dreams I dream
Caress and intertwine.
The sudden fire within your eyes
Like none I'd ever known,
And a child who lived in solitude
And dreamt of where he'd roam,
Then spent twenty years in wilderness
Before he found a home,
I'm remembering, I'm remembering,
I'm remembering.
I'm remembering.